About Progressive’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU)

The Progressive group of companies and its Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is committed to fighting auto insurance fraud because it costs consumers money.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB):

  • Insurance criminals are stealing more than $30 billion a year from organizations and the American public.
  • Insurance fraud is the second most costly white–collar crime in America – behind only tax evasion – and it’s the honest consumer who’s paying for it.
  • The average American household pays $200 to $300 in increased insurance premiums each year just to cover the cost of insurance fraud.

Auto insurance rates are based on the insurance company's cost of doing business, which includes the cost of paying claims. Fraudulent claims can only drive up the cost of insurance for all consumers. To help combat fraud, Progressive employs nearly 200 special investigations professionals throughout the U.S. These dedicated professionals regularly work with law enforcement agencies, the NICB and each states Department of Insurance, as well as others, to help combat auto theft and insurance fraud, which in turn helps keep insurance rates down for all consumers.

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