Benefits of Independent Insurance Agents

What is an independent insurance agent?

Independent car insurance agents don't work for an insurance company. Instead, they sell insurance from a variety of companies, providing you with more options at competitive prices. Just tell your agent what's important to you, and they'll find the best policy for you. Your independent insurance agent can also help you combine polices to increase your savings.

Why should I use an independent agent?

The benefits of working with an independent insurance agent can include frequent communication, flexible coverage options, loyalty benefits, and assistance with claims. Independent car insurance agents can help guide you through the claims process. Plus, their industry experience helps guarantee you have the right car insurance coverage through every phase of life.

How independent insurance agents make insurance simpler

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Your independent insurance agent is never too far away

Progressive offers flexible coverage

Loyalty rewards & discounts

Fast claims & repairs

How to find an independent agent in your neighborhood

Get the right insurance guidance & the right protection

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